Latest Work

  • Baden Wurttemberg Map

    Client: Family Traveller (UK)
  • Chess Life Cover

    Client: Chess Life Magazine (US)
  • Bermuda Map

    Client: Family Traveller UK)
  • Pike Walk

    Client: NZ Geographic (NZ)
  • Hamilton Zinefest Poster 2016

    Client: Wintec (NZ)
  • Auckland Map

    Client: Metro Magazine (NZ)

  • Paris

    Client: Santillana (Spain)
  • Cake

    Client: Mana Magazine (NZ)
  • Vienna Map

    Conde Nast Traveler (UK)
  • Montpellier

    Client: Conde Nast Traveler Magazine (UK)
  • Middlebury Magazine Cover

    Client: Middlebury Magazine
  • Summer Reading

    Client: Middlebury Magazine (Canada)
  • Nelson and Marlborough Sounds Map

    Client: Taste Magazine
  • Farmers Markets Awards 2013

    Client: Taste Magazine (NZ)
  • Portland Map

    Client: Conde Nast Traveler Magazine (UK)
  • Managing Change

    Client: Employment Today Magazine
  • Life in Madrid

    Client: Metro Magazine
  • Map of Menorca

    Client: Jamie Oliver Magazine (NL)
    (Selected Winner in the 3x3 Proshow Illustration Awards 2013)
  • IP in business

    Client: Unlimited Magazine
  • 'Madrid'

    Client: Metro Magazine
  • LjublJana in Slovenia

    Client: WIZZ Magazine (UK)
  • Series of Giclee prints

    Client: Exhibition: 'Places and Chases'
  • RiffRaff Magazine Cover

    Client: RiffRaff Magazine - issue 8
  • Paris Map

    Client: Eurostar Metropolitan Magazine
  • 'Vinyl Love'

    Available as a greeting card
    from Urban Graphic UK
  • 'Autumn Reads'. Cover and DPS

    Client: Wall Street Journal (Asia)
  • 'Music and Things'

    Available as an art print. Click on 'Prints' above to see prices and options.
  • Katherine

    Client: Metro Magazine